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imagebam.com The Sub-Sea Hydrojet Rock Trenching System

The Miah Underwater Rock Trencher is a high production Trenching
System and a dramatic improvement over present conventional methods of excavating rock in the ocean floor for purposes of burying pipelines, submarine electrical cables, fibre optic cables, etc. Present subsurface excavation methods in solid rock include dredging, ripping and blasting,which in many cases extensively disturb the biological environment in which they are utilized.

One major objective in developing The Miah Underwater Trenching
System included reducing environmental damage while subsurface
work is being accomplished and to be able to restore the ocean floor
to close as possible to its natural state. Another objective was to provide a ocean floor rock trenching system more efficient and productive than conventional methods.

The rock trenching sled is basically comprised of a hydraulically
driven cutter assembly mounted on a sturdy steel structured foundation
which is pulled along the ocean floor during operation by a barge on the surface and assisted by the Miah Powered Stabilizer Chassis tracking behind the cutter chain in the trench bottom. Power is supplied by a power unit mounted on the vessel through an umbilical to the rock trenching sled. The sled is equipped with a high pressure water injector system which removes overburden on top of the solid rock strata enabling the sled to sit on the rock surface.
The rock cutter head trenches down into the rock from the rock surface. The Miah Trenching System is utilized in conjunction with a more conventional water injector unit which will clean the trench and lay the electrical cable and/or pipe in a separate operation. Water currents will carry sediments into the trench to cover the utility and keep it in place. The well defined ditch configuration produced by the rock trencher will perfectly confine the cable or pipe protecting it from drift, iceberg scouring, dragging anchors and fishing gear. The actual trenching activity will take place within the housing of the sled which will confine the sediments keeping the surrounding environment from being disturbed.

This system can be utilized with the Miah Prefatigue Trenching System with the Powered
Stabilizer Chassis.

Trenching subsea using our Ultra-Wide trenching system in tidal zones, beach landings or shore crossings in less then 4 meters of water depth without a support vessel. See Video Due to the modular design, it is capable of trenching in water depths of 80 meters with a support vessel.
Source : http://www.miahtrenchers.com/page6.html

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